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National Science Week

National Science Week 2022

Are you wanting to explore more STEM project ideas but don’t know where to start? Do your Scouts want to do more and as a leader you’re not sure how to help? Does the notion of physics intimidate you but your Scouts want to do more?

Need to Plan>Do>Review a STEM SIA and are looking for ideas of what you could work on? Are you keen to participate in the National Science Week Scout Physics STE(A)M Challenge but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Have we got a solution for you!

STEM leaders and STEM Youth teams from across the country have been collaborating to kick start physics activities for Scouts. Starting with the Physics of Waves – our theme for the 2022 National Science Week project.

All resources have been researched and tested by State Youth STEM Teams, including some WA youth members, to make sure you can pick up and go with over 20 instruction sheets available.

Check out for inspiration.

National Science Week 2021

Campfire Chemistry


DaVinci Bridges

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