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Resources and Links

There are many great resources, links and organisations available to help you find ideas to run an activity, achieve a Special Interest Area badge, or to share a great STEM experience with your Unit or Patrol.

If you find other great resources or links please email to everyone can find them

STEM activity ideas and links

Fizzics Education runs great in person and online STEM programs. Check out 150 science experiments here.

Why not meet Scouts from around the world on

Find some great DIY resources developed for Science Week here!

The STARportal is Australia’s first centralised national portal for exciting and engaging STEM activities from around the country.

Check out the great resources for Scouts in Action Month 2020: Flight!

Check out free resources from Scitech here!

Check out Engineers Australia Junior Club and their great resources here.

Find out more about the different areas of engineering here.

Find great free NASA resources here. Find the schedule of live feeds from the ISS here.

Find great STEM videos presented by Northumberland Scouts, UK for their virtual camp!

Why not combine STEM with art and grow a rainbow. Find out how here.

Build a hydraulic lift from simple household objects. Check it out here.

Learn how plants use solar energy for photosynthesis. Check it out here.

Why not check out the WOSM Scouts Go Solar resources and ideas. Check it out here.

Citizen Science

Would you like to do Science research in your own community? Find a Citizen Science project where you can contribute to local, national and global scientific research. Why not consider making a Citizen Science project a Milestone activity or part of a Special Interest Area badge.

Australian Citizen Science Association has a project finder to find something in your area. Check it out here.

Frog ID - Find this app on your device and investigate your local lake or grasslands.

Find more here.

Do you enjoy fishing? Check out the Australasian Fishes project here.

Or download the FishTagWA app.

REDMAP - Range Extension Database and Mapping Project: it captures information that will help assess how our marine ecosystems might be changing. Check it out here.

Download the iNaturalist app and go for a hike through your local bushland to record flora, fauna and fungi! Find out more here.

Would you like to contribute to real action towards climate change? Check out Climate CoLab to join a project!

Why not take photos of the clouds and contribute to research by NASA? Find more info here.

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