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Special Interest Areas

Special Interest Area (SIA) badges encourage Scouts to challenge and develop themselves to pursue their interests and learn new skills in six areas:

Adventure & Sport, Arts & Literature, Creating a Better World, Environment, Growth & Development, STEM & Innovation.

Earning a SIA badge requires you to Plan>Do>Review and commit time to these interest areas.

Joey Scouts - 2 hours, Cub Scouts - 4 hours, Scouts - 8 hours, Venturer Scouts - 12 hours, Rover Scouts - 18 hours

For more resources to assist you to plan a SIA badge visit


Do you have an idea? Or an interest in a STEM area?

Are you going to complete the SIA badge on your own or form a Project Patrol?

Research your idea. Have a look at the resources and links.

Find a mentor or a subject matter expert to guide and assist you.

Discuss your idea with your Unit Council.


Complete your project.

Share your final project with your Unit or Patrol.  Or share what you learnt and did with your Unit.


What did you learn? Were you challenged by your project?

What went well with your project?

What could have worked better?

Do you have a new idea?

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